Fotografie im Freien mit der ultimativen Heizweste von WE-R-WILD


Our heated vest is a game-changer for all outdoor photographers. It combines warmth and freedom of movement, making it ideal for nature photography in the cold season. This heated vest allows you to go in search of the perfect photo without being distracted by the cold. Whether you're photographing wild landscapes or rare animals, our vest ensures you can fully concentrate on your art.

Die ultimative Heizweste

  • Made from the finest loden fabric from Germany.
  • Oeko-Tex-100plus certified.
  • Integrated heating elements in front and back (5 heating zones).
  • Up to 10 hours of warmth, up to 45 degrees Celsius*.
  • Adjustable temperature, CE-certified safety.
  • Water-repellent, breathable, and windproof.
  • High durability, lasting quality without matting.
  • Mobile phone or other devices can be charged simultaneously (USB-C).
  • Practical Napoleon pockets with integrated charging cable.
  • Lining, buttons, and zippers from Italy.
  • Modern design from Germany (designed in Germany).


Bundle grün: 1x Beheizbare Jagdweste, 1x Sitzkissen, 1x Akku


Jetzt als Bundle zusammen mit Power-Batterie und beheizbarem Kissen